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Would you like to learn more powerchair football, Powerchair Sports Victoria, or how to get involved? Here is the best place to get some of those answers.

If you can’t find the information you need here, just contact us to learn more.

Q: What is powerchair football?
Powerchair football is a game of soccer played by people who use a powerchair for daily mobility. It is 4v4 and played on an indoor basketball court. It is the fastest growing adaptive sport for powerchair users in the world.
Q: Who plays powerchair football?
Powerchair football is played by all genders and all ages of people who use a powerchair.
Q: Who organises powerchair football in Victoria?
Powerchair Sports Victoria facilitates all powerchair football competitions and events in Victoria. Alongside powerchair football, other sports modified for powerchair users are also played such as Powerchair Hockey.
Q: How are competitions run?
The Victorian Powerchair Premier League is the only competition currently run in Victoria. All matches are played in Croydon at the Aquahub. The season runs from August to April and is played on Sundays usually starting at 12pm.
Q: Where is powerchair football played?
Powerchair football is played all across Australia and the world. It is currently played in over 25 countries. See a full list of participating countries at
Q: Is it dangerous?
As with any competitive sport, accidents can happen. However, the sport is strictly non-contact and this is controlled through the central-referee. Some contact happens on occasion.
Q: How much does it cost to play?
Current fees to play competitively are $120 per season. Equipment costs include a foot guard, however Powerchair Sports Victoria can provide these at the start for any new player. Equipment, like any sport, can be simple or elaborate depending on your interest level, however the sport can be enjoyed at any level.
Q: How old do you need to be to play?
Any age can play powerchair football. Our team has two squads that play in two different divisions. Any new or young player can jump straight in at a level that is safe and welcoming.
Q: Where can I find equipment?
To play powerchair football you must have a footguard for your chair. Powerchair Sports Victoria can provide these guards on a short-term basis for any new player that joins. If you choose, you can have a local metal shop design a guard for your chair or even contact one of Powerchair Sports Victoria sponsors, Motion Wheelchairs who have plenty of experience designing and mounting guards.
Q: Is there any further pathways for athletes?
Yes. Players in the state competition get the opportunity to compete at national championships held interstate. Further, the best players from around Australia are selected to represent their country at the World Cup held every four years. Australia is currently ranked 4th in the world.
Q: Is powerchair football only competitive based?
Our team has a mixutre of players that love competitive sport and some that just play for the social side of it. Playing in a team sport is a great way to build confidence, make new friends and learn new skills. Can we also say it’s super fun!?
Q: What’s the first step in getting involved?
Whether you are interested in playing, volunteering, becoming a referee or sponsoring our team, get in contact with us and we’ll get you started. We are here to help as many people get involved in our community.